A common question in our Facebook group is about which documents need an apostille and which need a sworn translation. This can be a confusing aspect of preparing for your digital nomad visa application,

For UK limited company owners contemplating a move to Spain on the Digital Nomad Visa, deciding between applying as an employee or self-employed (autónomo) can significantly impact your financial and administrative responsibilities. This guide

The Spanish government has published the exact financial requirements you'll need to earn in order to qualify for the new Digital Nomad Visa.You'll need to earn 31,752 euros per year if you are applying alone. If you are

Understand the rules about leaving Spain after submitting your Digital Nomad Visa Application.Navigating the world of the new digital nomad visa can seem daunting, but understanding the process and your rights can help ease

Moving to a different country may be expensive from a logistics point of view but it need not cost the earth in tax if you follow these tips to pay less tax: 1. Consider selling