A common question in our Facebook group is about which documents need an apostille and which need a sworn translation. This can be a confusing aspect of preparing for your digital nomad visa application,

The Spanish government has published the exact financial requirements you'll need to earn in order to qualify for the new Digital Nomad Visa.You'll need to earn 31,752 euros per year if you are applying alone. If you are

¿Estás obsesionado con los pequeños detalles? ¿Te gusta trabajar con la gente? ¿Eres una persona emprendedora a la que le gusta aprender y trabajar de forma independiente?Buscamos un nuevo miembro en el equipo para

Modelo 790 is a form used in Spain for the payment of fees associated with various administrative procedures. This document, also known as the "Tasa Modelo 790," is used to pay charges to public

The Beckham Law is a tax regime originally created to attract footballers like David Beckham to Spain. While playing for Real Madrid,  Beckham was able to pay only non-resident tax on his Spanish income rather

'Can family members work, either within Spain or for employers abroad' is a common question in our Facebook group.  Under Spain's new Digital Nomad Visa, you can take your partner, children or dependent parents with

Are you ready to start your new life in Spain as a digital nomad? This post will show you how to get the new Spanish Digital Nomad Visa in four steps. Step 1: Figure out

One of the most common questions we get asked, especially since the pandemic, is if a UK limited company can be run from Spain.The answer is yes, but there are some grey areas which have

Are you searching for a tax-efficient investment in Spain, perhaps something similar to your UK ISA or US Roth IRA? If so, you've no doubt come across Spanish-Compliant Investment Bonds. Offered by life insurance companies

Moving to a different country may be expensive from a logistics point of view but it need not cost the earth in tax if you follow these tips to pay less tax: 1. Consider selling